CF Jewels

CF Jewels is the brand of Customer First Precious Metals (P) Ltd. a company based out of Kochi – the queen of Arabian Sea.

We at Customer First believe the customer is the reason for our existence. For us everything that we do must delight and benefit our customer, each time and always. For us the reputation and ethics are of paramount importance. Each and every time a customer deals with Customer First, we strive to provide a different experience which will delight their buying experience. We put the team at the forefront of our personal success and commit to building its capability.

Customer First is a venture from the iconic Cheruvally family, a traditional family rooted in Kerala with over 100 years of business experience. Customer First derives its values and ethos from the legacy of the iconic family. As the name depicts, at Customer First we put customers at the forefront and our services are aligned to make our customer more comfortable. We are striving hard to give our customers a delightful experience which will give them more confidence in our brands and businesses.

We believe that having an ownership mind-set is fundamental to our existence.It enables accountability and accomplishment in every deal which ensures our strong commitment to the highest standards of safety and trust. Our core idea is to bring more transparency to our customers and enable them to understand the product prior to making the payment. We have a strong team bounded by professionalism and care to support our goals and create paths to reach our milestones.